A Love Seat Glider

A Love Seat Glider

love seat glider

 A Love Seat Glider

A love seat glider rocker is a great shop project. Patio furniture can be quite expensive but by putting your woodworking skills to work, you can save a considerable amount of money.love seat

Building a loveseat glider rocker is not a difficult project but does require 30 -40 hours work to build. Plan to take another 10 – 20 hours to finish it with stain and clear coat.


Step #1 :– Start by building the base the love seat will glide on. This is built from 2 x 4s following the free plans provided. The joints can be 1/2 lap or use of biscuits works well. Using 1/2 lap joints requires glue and screws. The two end frames are built first and then the spreaders are attached.

Step #2:- With the base built, you can now begin building the love seat. Following the plans, the first step is to build the two love seat ends. These ends are also built from 2 x 4s using 1/2 lap joints or biscuits. The seat supports can now be attached in their respective place. You will then attach the front and rear spreaders.

Step #3:-  The backrest is the next part of the project. Attach a 1 x 4 on the back of the upper end of the seat end frames, flush with the top of the frames. These boards will serve as back supports.a love seat glider back

Step #4:- It is now time to install the back. The boards are attached to the back supports, flush with the bottom support with 1/2″ spacers between. After the backboards have been installed, taking a string or thin board and draw the arc on the back. Remove each board and cut the arc on a band saw or with a jigsaw. Sand the boards well and reattach. Once all installed, you will attach one more back support on the upper portion of the back.

a love seat glider seatStep #5:- Installing the seat comes next cutting them to the proper length, using a 1/2″ spacer, install each board in its respective spot. Use 1 1/4″ deck screws to attach boards.

Step #6:- Following directions, install the glider arms on the glider base and attach the base to the bottom of the love seat.

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