A spline cutting jig

A Spline Cutting Jig

A spline cutting jig

A Spline Cutting JigA spline cutting jig jig

A spline cutting jig is a table saw jig primarily used for reinforcing picture frame corners or corners of small boxes. A spline cutting jig allows you provisions to insert a narrow spline into the corners providing much strength to your project. The spline also can serve as a decorative feature in the corners especially when a different species of wood colour is used.

Material To Build A Spline Cutting Jig

A spline cutting jig is very cheap and easy to build as most of the material comes from the scrap pile off your saw.

The jig is primarily made from 3/4″ plywood along with wood glue and wood screws. The amount of plywood needed is approximately 12″ X 24″

Building A Spline Cutting Jig

The spline cutting jig we will be building is one that fits over your table saw fence system which provides stability and accuracy for your project.

  • measure the height and width of your table saw fence
  • A spline cutting jig jigcut plywood high enough to clear the height of the fence
  • cut another piece to cover the top of the jig the width of the fence
  • cut the main face of the jig about 12″ X 16″
  • assemble the jig to fit over your fence system with glue and screws on the back side of the face, install a short block to reinforce the fence box to the face of the jig
  • cut two pieces of 3/4″ plywood about 1 1/4″ wide by about 12″ long
  • mitre the two ends of each piece to form a perfect 90 deg.
  • secure this 90 deg. fence to the face of the jig making sure to centre on the jig face.
  • place jig over the fence and run the saw blade through the centre of the 90 deg. fence to form a spline groove.

How To Use The Spline Cutting Jig

Place the jig over the table saw fence. Align saw blade dead centre of 90 deg. fence and elevate blade to the desired height. Place project in the jig and slide the jig over the saw blade. The spline cut is now in your project ready for a spline.

Enjoy your spline cutting jig



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