a stationery work bench

A Stationery Work Bench

A Stationery Work Bench

A Stationery Work Benchbench plans

A stationery workbench is great if you have the room. As we know, every woodworking shop needs a workbench. Some of the advantages to a stationary bench is that it is secured to the wall which makes it very rigid and strong.

Material And Tools

2 x 4s —— 3/4″ plywood ——-screws——- glue and a few nails

Tools Needed:- tape measure——-chalk line——-drill and bits——-level——square

Step #1bench frame

Start by screwing a 2 x 4 ledger board to the wall. The height of a workbench should be 36″  (average height) Use a level to level it in as you move down the wall. Screw a second ledger board for a lower shelf about 12″ off the floor and level in.

Step #2

Cut pieces of 2 x 4s to be screwed to the ledger board the width of the countertop which will be 30″ (cut 2 x 4s 27″) They can be placed 4′ apart. These can be secured to the ledger by drilling and angling screws into the ledger making sure they are flush with the top of the ledger.

Step #3

You can now attach a 2 x 4 to the outer ends of the 2 x 4s that you attached to the ledger board making sure they are flush on the top. Legs can now be cut for the front of the workbench. Using a level, check the level from the back to the front of the counter, holding a 2 x 4 piece against the front of the counter frame marking it flush to the top of the front counter frame.                                                                                                                                                                          The legs are secured to the inside of the framework. Continue down the line with each leg measuring each one. Plumb the legs in. The floor may vary in level requiring different length legs.

Step #4bench and counter

Cut pieces of 2 x 4s to fit between the lower wall ledger and the legs out front making sure they are plumbed in. These can also be angle screwed in place.

Step #5

The final step is to cut out your countertop and lower shelf from 3/4″ plywood. Screw the countertop and shelf in place, placing screws about every 12″

Enjoy Building A Stationery Work Bench





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