We are so glad you have joined us here at Wonderful Woodworking.com, a site dedicated to fine woodworking.

Over the years we have had the good fortune of meeting many people just like you which we cherish very much.

Our Family Back Ground

Myself and my wife of forty eight years, have two wonderful daughters whom are both married to two great guys.

We have four super grand children (two boys and two girls) whom have all graduated and seek their vocation in life.

We have one beautiful great grand daughter that keeps us on our toes.

Our Fun Things In Life

  • of course our grand children and our great grand daughter
  • RVing in Arizona in the winter
  • bike riding and exploring the country side
  • like watching hockey, baseball, and football
  • Beverly enjoys scrapbooking and I enjoy building wooden replicas in my work shop

This seems to keep us very busy.

My Passions

I am passionate about woodworking. Ever since my younger years, I would go out with my grandfather who was a carpenter, and help him on the construction of a home he would be working on.

My passion was in the cabinet business as we had a cabinet shop for twenty five years and enjoyed every minute of it.

Our Objective In Life

By creating our web site (wonderful woodworking.com)  we hope to help many people in the field of woodworking by inspiring them to trying their hand at woodworking, by responding to their concerns or by providing them with information on our site.


Omer Charest



20 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have any fireplace mantel plans for sale I seen your YouTube video I’m trying to come up with some idea So?let me know thank you

  2. Hi, I really liked the wooden trucks that you made and put on the site I asked if I could email them to build them if possible thanks

  3. where are you living to see you working ……amuch for a horse like this one you do for your grant son

  4. Hi Mr. Charest,
    Where do you reside? My grandfather used to talk about an old friend of his named Omer Charest. His name was Tim Caouette. Born in 1900 and lived in Morinville Alberta. Just wondering if you might be a relative of his.
    Thanks, Paul.

    1. Hi Paul……Could be because I had 2 uncles in Morinville along with cousins. I live in Brooks Alberta so it could be possible. My age is 73 so it could be possible.

  5. I watched your you tube video on cabinet building. Thank you for being so detailed but easy to understand. I have been frightened to try, you have given me confidence.

    1. Thank you Dennis…….I am self-taught and had a very successful cabinet shop for 25 years. My video shows you the basics and then using the exact methods, you can expand from there.

  6. Hi, I have been admiring your FB page for some time now. My question: I have a bottom step to stairs that has been chewed on by my dog. I have looked at Utube and they say the bottom step cannot be repaied and that I probably will need to replace the whole stair system. I have been thinking about trying to sandit and fill with putty. Are there any tips or tricks you can recommend? ( The bottom step is rounded). Thanks.

  7. I cannot get the website to work for free adirondack loveseat glider blueprints from youtube video . Can you help?

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