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Basic Tools And Equipment

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Basic Tools And Equipment

Basic tools and equipment having an idea and the skills to build a project, without the proper tools, makes it very difficult if not impossible to complete a woodworking project. Before you can start to use the best oscillating tool, you need to be fully aware of why and how you are going to use it for your project.basic woodwowoodworking ideas for beginnersrking-toolsimages[10]

Just a little history on the development of tools throughout the time as this dates back many years.

Wood was one of the very first materials to be used for tools by our ancestors. Along with mud, stone and animal parts, the creation of very primitive tools appeared.

This was proportional to the degree of skills involved by the people of the time.

When we look at the large pyramids that were built by the Egyptians, it would have been very difficult to complete without the use of tools.

Egyptians used metal to construct their tools making them more durable than wood. Copper and bronze was the metal of choice for their tools to do woodworking.

They made such tools as pull saws, axes, chisels and bow drills. You can grow your understanding of the modern equivalent to having more context at Tool Report Blog.

Because of the skill of these people, civilization moved in the forward direction.

Tools For The Beginner

Depending on whether you are just beginning woodworking or have progressed to more advanced projects, basic tools are a must to complete the project that images[2]looks good and performs well.

The tools that I would recommend for the beginner will get you up and running without spending a fortune.

Grow your shop as you grow your skills

Safety Equipment

  • It can sometimes be hard to remember how important safety is when doing woodworking. You’ll be working with some dangerous equipment so some things are absolutely essential and you should always remember protective glasses, face masks and some decent boots that will protect your feet when working on bigger projects (click here for the best steel toe boots). You can also invest in hearing protection and anti-vibration gloves when you get more into woodworking. Every safety measure possible should be taken

Measuring Tools

  • a good tape measure that can easily be read
  • a good ruler that provides you accuracy
  • a framing square, try square, T-square and a good straight edge
  • a 24″ level and a little level for quick checks

Cutting Tools

  • hand saws like the rip saw and crosscut saw
  • keyhole saw and coping saw
  • a good circular saw with carbide blade generally used for rough cuts
  • perhaps a table saw of rigid construction and one general purpose carbide blade along with one fine cut carbide blade
  • a small 10″ portable saw15747.DWE7491RS_4[1]
  • hand planes like the rabbit plane and the block plane
  • a router with carbide tip bits is used to shape material edges with different profiles – trimming laminate when doing counters
  • chisels and gauge
  • small drill press with a set of good drill bits when accuracy is in demand
  • a cordless drill is extremely handy for drilling, assembles and portability
  • utility knife and wood file
  • a jigsaw with different blades to cut different materials which are handy for cutting curves along with portability
  • scroll saw which comes in handy for cutting such things as letters and numbers

Finishing Tools

  • sheet sandpaper
  • power sanders like a belt sander palm sander, orbital sander, disk sander and sanding block

basic toolsdewalt-random-makita-belt-sander-470-1208[1]

  • files (woodworking files)

Every Shop Needs This

  • All types of jigs that will assist you in doing many jobs in the shop. Be creative with jigs. Spot a problem area and then create a jig to make the job easier.
  • To get a better idea of making jigs for the shop, I suggest going to Google under woodworking shop jigs.

Always take your time to enjoy your woodworking as it is very rewarding to complete your project.



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