Building A Centering Jig

Building A Centering Jig

building a centering jig

Building A Centering Jig

Building a centring jig is a very interesting project as a shop jig. The purpose of this centring jip is to do exactly what it says. It will quickly and easily find the centre line of a board right on dead centre.

I’m sure from time to time you have had the chore of trying to find the dead centre of a board whether it is the centre of the edge or on the face and found that it was time-consuming and not always easy.

Building The Centering Jigcentering jig

Building a centring jig is constructed primarily from scraps that you will have around the shop. It will require 3/4″ material about 1 1/2″ wide by 6″ long. A couple dowels 1/4″ or 5/16″ you may have kicking around the shop and a regular lead pencil.

  • You first take your 3/4″ stock and cut it to size. 1 1/2″ wide by 6″ long
  • You may want to round the ends and run it past the router to soften the edges giving it a professional look.
  • Very carefully draw a line dead centre of the stock from end to end.
  • About 1″ in from each end, mark the location and then halfway between these two points, make a centre mark.
  • Take your centre punch and mark all three holes at the locations marked.
  • Depending on the size of your dowels used, drill the two end holes on your drill press for accuracy.
  • Drill the centre hole to fit your pencil making sure it fits snugly into the hole.
  • Drive your two dowels into the bottom side of your jig and insert the pencil on the opposite side so the lead sticks out a bit.

How To Use The Centering Jig

centering jig #2If you want to find the centre on a boards edge, simply turn the board edge up placing your jig on the board with the dowels down and each tightly against the board. Then just simply pull the jig down the length of the board marking dead centre as you go.

If you require marking wide boards, simple make a jig the same way but longer ( maybe 16″ instead of 6″ )




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