Building A King Size Bed With Storage

Building A King Size Bed With Storage

Building a king size bed with storage is a great project for the woodworking shop. Not only will you have the extra size of the bed but also the beauty of storage under the bed. You will be able to store some of your smaller items under your bed and use self storage units for anything bigger. If you’re worried about using a self-storage unit for any of your personal belongings, some Self Storage companies use storage management software like SiteLink, which helps them to manage their units, and notify you of any changes. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to refresh/renew your mattress. Why not treat yourself to a new memory foam mattress? This will make an excellent addition to the home.

Building The Base

Building a king size bed with storage, the base will consist of 2 x 4 framing 80″ long by 22″ wide. Cut the 2 long pieces 80″ long. Cut cross pieces to fit between the long pieces making sure the total width is 22″ This can be assembled with a Kreg jig or dowels for joinery. Cut and make two sets of these frames which will go under the storage drawer units to keep the drawers off the floor.

Building The Storage Area

king bed drawersBuilding a king size bed with storage, you will now build the drawer units, one for each side of the bed. They can be made from 3/4″ plywood and glued and screwed together. The units will measure 80″ long by 22″ deep. Once assembled. cut 5 dividers to go inside the box to separate the drawers. The height of the drawer units can be 8″ to 10″ high depending on how high you want the bed. Install full extension drawer runners flush with the bottom of the drawer case.

Building The Drawers

Build 6 drawers that will fit into the drawer cases, three drawers per side. These can be made from 3/4″ Birch plywood. Using a butt joint glued and screwed together will do the job. Attach the drawer runners to the drawers and insert into the cases.

Making Drawer Fronts

The drawer fronts can be made as a rustic look or a finished modern look depending on what you choose. Cut 6 drawer fronts and attach to the front of the drawers using screws from the inside of the drawers. You can now place the frames under the drawer units to keep them off the floor. You cut pieces of 2 x 4 to place between the two drawer units to hold the units in place. Remember the total width should be 76″

You can now cut 1 1/2″ strips to finish the base on the bottom. Cut pieces of finished material to finish off the remainder of the bed frame and attach.

Your bed is now complete.



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