Building A Track Saw For The Woodworking Shop

building a track saw for the woodworking shop

Building A Track Sawbuilding a track saw jig

Building a track saw for your skill saw, can be a real asset to the shop. Building a track saw will allow you to cut long pieces of material in a perfectly straight line. The track saw can also be used as a jointer when you don’t have access to one.

To buy a track saw, will generally cost you a lot of money but if you can afford one, it will be worth its weight in gold. But in the event of someone just starting up in woodworking, there are alternative to buying a track saw. You can quickly and cheaply build one in your shop.

Building A Track Saw Material

Building a track saw will require generally scraps of material you already have kicking around the shop. You will need a few short wood screws and a bit of wood glue. Of course, you will need a skill saw.

Building A Track Saw

In building a track saw you will need a piece of 1/4″ plywood about 8″ wide by 8′ long. You will need track saw jiga piece of 1/2″ plywood about 3″ wide by 8′ long to serve as a fence for your skill saw to ride along.

Measure the distance on your skill saw from the wide side of the base to the edge of the saw blade. Lay the 1/4″ plywood flat and put a mark at each end of the plywood 1/4″ more than the measurement you got from measuring the base. Take the 8′ length of 1/2″ plywood and carefully lay it on the 1/4″ plywood up to the mark on each end. At this point secure the two pieces together with the short screws.

To complete the track saw, put the skill saw base against the fence of the jig and proceed to cut the full length now giving you the precise cut the saw will make when you use the track saw jig.




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