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Building Birdhouses

building birdhouses

Building Birdhousesbuilding birdhouses

Building birdhouses can be a lot of fun whether you build them for fun or for resale. A simple birdhouse doesn’t have to be expensive to build as they take very little material.

building birdhousesStep #1 Buying The Material

Everything required is available at your local home centre.

Material:- one cedar or redwood board—1″x 8″ x 8′ long (this will make 2 birdhouses)

:- 1-1/4″ galvanized finishing nails —-1/4″ dowel, wood glue and paint or stain

Tools:-  tape measure, square, mitre saw or table saw, clamps, paintbrush, drill with 3/32 bit, 1/4″ bit and 1-1/2 spade-Forstner or hole saw bit

Step #2 Cutting The Front And Backbuilding birdhouses

Cut front and back 9″ high x 7-1/4″ wide

Make a vertical mark down the centre of each board—-using a mitre saw set at 45deg. —–cut from the centre vertical line to the outer sides of the board. Make marks at the bottom end of the board 1-1/2″ from the outer edges.

Cut sides of the board from the bottom mark to the ends of the 45 deg. cuts on the sides.

building birdhousesStep #3 Cutting The Rest Of The Pieces

Cut two sides :- 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″           Roof:- one:- 6″ x 7-1/4″ and one:- 5-1/8″ x 7-1/4″       Bottom:- 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

Cut bottom corners at 45 deg. to allow for cleaning.

Step #4 Drill the Entrancebuilding birdhouses

Using a 1-1/2″ bit, drill the bird’s entrance hole 4″ down from the peak following the centre vertical line. Clamp the board to be drilled to another scrap board to prevent splintering.

building birdhousesStep #5 Assemble The Birdhouse

Assemble the sides to the end pieces using glue. Pre-drill nail holes and drive the finishing nails home. Install the bottom also with glue and nails.

The installation of the roof is also glued and nailed in position. Finally, drill a 1/4″ hole 1″ below the entrance hole and then glue a 3″ piece of 1/4″ dowel into the hole.

Step#6  Painting Or Staining The Birdhouse

The final step is to beautify your birdhouse perhaps colouring the roof one colour and the rest another colour.

You can now enjoy your birdhouse.




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