Building cedar chest as a hobby or as a project to sell

Building A Cedar Chest

building cedar chest

Building  Cedar Chestbuilding cedar chest

Building a cedar chest makes a great shop project. The level of cedar chest depends on the shop tools on hand and the woodworking skills you may have.

There are many sizes and styles of cedar chests to choose from. Depending on what you wish to store in it will determine the size of the chest. Cedar chests are great for storing blankets as well as clothing.

Because of the cedar smell, moths will not hang around to destroy your content in your cedar chest.

building cedar chestBuilding The Frame

For the purpose of this post, I have chosen to build a more elaborate cedar chest. It will consist of oak frames, insert panels, legs along with a cedar interior lining.

The frames are all cut out to the size desired. The frames are assembled in much the same way you would do wainscoting. The preferred method of joinery is using a Kreg jig. Once the two sides and two end frames are assembled, you can take your router and rout a recess inside each square as to insert a centre panel.

Install Legs And Frames Together

Having cut out four legs with a tapper, using the Kreg jig, the frames can be joined to the legs forming the box. A plywood bottom can be cut and also installed using the Kreg jig.

Lining The Insidebuilding cedar chest

The inside of the cedar chest is now lined with thin cedar having been re-sawn. This can be air-nailed into place.

Building The Cedar Chest Lid

The lid will also be made from oak to match the rest of the cedar chest. Laminating boards together to the desired width adding a profile around the edge with your router gives the cedar chest a very unique look.

Thin cedar is added to the inside of the lid. The lid itself can be installed using the piano hinge.

Finishing The Outside Of The Cedar Chest

The outside can be finished using a clear lacquered or stained a colour of your choice, top coated with several coats of clear lacquered. More Details


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