Building A Cedar Strip Canoe

Building A Cedar Strip Canoe

Building A Cedar Strip CanoeBuilding A Cedar Strip Canoe

Building a cedar strip canoe is one of the many joys of woodworking. As a woodworking project or just to feed your passion that you have had for some time, building a cedar strip canoe can be very rewarding. Not only is it fun to build but many hours of enjoyment can be realized from this project.

Beginning Stages Of Building A Canoecanoe

The first step to building a canoe would be to select a good set of plans with clear drawings, measurements and good descriptions. Following a good set of plans makes the project much easier to build.

  • step one would be to have a location to set up the forms to shape the canoe. The forms are generally made from 3/4″ plywood with a series of holes around them to install clamps to form the structure of the canoe.
  • the structural parts that are clamped to the forms are first put into a steam box to prevent them from breaking when forming the shape of the canoe.
  • the next step after cutting narrow strips of cedar.
  • glue the edges and install front to back of the framework to form the shape of the hull.
  • the final pieces must be hand fit into the remaining bottom part of the hull to complete closing it in.
  • a cloth is then placed over the canoe and several coats of clear coats are applied.
  • To protect the front and bottom of the canoe from rocks, a narrow metal strip is applied to the hull.


Final Stages

The final stages include finishing the interior of the canoe. The nosepiece along with the seat structure and seats themselves go into place. Your canoe is now ready for its first voyage.

Enjoy Your Cedar Strip Canoe





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