Building computer desks to store your electronics.

Building Computer Desks

building computer desks

Building Computer Desks

Its all fun and games ordering your Ideal Office Furniture, and building your computer desks can be a lot of fun but requires a few steps in preparation. It’s not just the building of the desk that you need to consider but also if you have decent broadband to be able to work on your computer properly once the desk is built. That’s why companies like Usave are so helpful because they can find the best broadband deal for you. Once you know that you have the right broadband sorting your computer desk out will be easy. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the right software on your computer so that you can work safely (you could check out something like this least privilege manager software). To build a computer desk to satisfy your needs, will require a few decisions.

Such things as the size of desk, drawer units, keyboard pull out, type of material to be made of and of coarse the shape.

These are things that must be considered to make your computer desk a personalized unit that will serve you well for years to come.

The Location In Your Home

The location of your computer desk in the home will determine the size and configuration of the unit.

Once location is determined, you will want to draw out a rough sketch of the desk.

You can then start to visualize the unit and it becomes easier to add details to your computer desk.building computer desks

The Components

When designing the desk, you must have enough room for the components to set in desk compartments and have breathing room to allow air circulation to prevent over heating.

The location of your monitor and mouse pad are generally located on the counter top for easy access.

The keyboard is best located under the counter on a pull out shelf in front of your sitting location.

The printer can be located on the desk top or in a compartment under the counter.

Depending on the room you have to work with, a couple banks of drawers are very handy for storing your files.

Keep in mind that a desk height is 30″ – 31″ high to give you good working room. You must be able to be comfortable while at your

building computer desks

computer desk.

The Process Of Building Computer Desks

Once the preparations have been taken care of and a detailed plan drawn up with all the particulars, you can proceed to the shop to begin construction.

Things start to get exciting at this stage.

    • determine the type of material to use
    • count the number of gable ends and cut out (30 1/4″ x 24 – 30″ deep) depending on depth chosen
    • line bore for drawer runners and adjustable shelves
    • cut unit bottoms (24″ – 30″ x 18″ wide) depending on depth chosen
    • assemble individual units with good 2 side material ( oak – maple – melamine etc )
    • install a solid face frame on open units
    • cut out adjustable shelves and install shelf nosing
    • building computer desks

  • assemable drawer units and drawers
  • install drawer fronts and drawer pulls.
  • build counter and install ( this can be oak, maple etc counter top with an oak 1/2 round bull nose)
  • mount keyboard shelf below counter
  • you now can install your computer and all the components

Your computer desk is now complete to enjoy.



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