building countertops is all part of building cabinets

Building Countertops

building countertops


Building Countertops

Building countertops is an essential part of building cabinets.

Today there are many choices when it comes to countertops to help tie in with the interior décor of your home.

Some Of Your Choices When Building Countertops

Laminate:- laminate comes in many different colors today.building countertops

Corian:- corian is a man made product that comes in many colors.

It is extremely durable and easily repaired if damaged.

There are many different edge profiles available along with moulded in sinks to complement a modern kitchen.

Corian counters are comon in hospitals, restaurant  where sanitation is a must.

Corian is not porous and provides a germ free environment when cleaned regularly.

Granite:- granite is a natural product that comes from mines through-out the world.

There are many shades and grain patterns that naturally appear in granite making every counter unique. The counter edges can also be treated with different profiles.

Granite is porous and should be sealed for sanitation reasons.

Stainless steel:-  stainless steel counters can be found in hospitals and commercial kitchens. They are easy to clean  and  provide great sanitation properties.

Determine Your Counter Choicebuilding countertops

Build countertops, will be determined primarily by colour and cost of the finished counter.

The most popular today is laminate counters because of the price which still makes an excellent counter.

The Process Of Building Countertops

After you have decided on the type of counters and the cabinets are installed, make a template of the cabinets to get that perfect fit.

Templating is achieved by cutting 1/8″ strips of veneer  about 2-3″ wide and fit them around the footprint of the cabinets. Once fitted, a hot glue gun works great to secure the strips together.

Make notations on the template with all the details. The template is then used to transfer the exact layout to the substrate  (the underlay for the counter) and then cut out remembering to allow for overhang where needed and any other notations.

The Process Of Laminate Counters

With laminate counters there are a variety of counter edge profiles  (oak – maple –  round bull nose – laminate)building countertops

Should you decide on laminate edging, the edge strips are contacted in place first, trimming them off. The top of the counter is then cut oversize so it can be trimmed with a router

Using contact cement, apply to the laminate and the substrate  allowing to dry to the touch.

Placing 1/8″ steel rods on the substrate prevents the laminate from prematurely sticking. This allows you to align the laminate.

Once in place, remove the rods one at a time starting at one end working all the way down.

Roll the laminate with a rubber roller to bond it to the substrate.

The laminate is then trimmed to size with a laminate trimmer leaving a perfect edge.

Other Countertops

Hard surface countertops are done the same way  templating  and sent to specialty shops to be fabricated. When completed, they are brought to location and secured to the cabinets using silicon.

How to build your counter tops is now complete so it is now time to enjoy your new kitchen.



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