Building Your Dream Home

Building Your Dream Home

First Things First When Building Your Dream Homebuilding your dream home house

Building your dream home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life.

Having said this, there are many things to consider before construction begins.

Take the time to look at many home ideas and collect the ideas that you would like to have in your Dream Home.

Remember to keep your home within budget.

Building Your Dream Home Setup

  • always check on building permits and regulations for your area
  • once you have decided on a plan, have a professional print drawn up with good details of the entire project
  • for most people building a home, they will hire a contractor to look after the entire project
  • some people prefer to general the project themselves
  • if you choose to general, it is your responsibility to get quotes from all the different trades that will be involved and schedule  their time

To general is only recommended if you have knowledge of construction in the woodworking field.

Starting The Projectbuilding your dream home framing

The first step when building your dream home is to survey the layout for location on the property.

The contractor then comes in and digs the hole for your basement (if you are having a basement).

The concrete contractor places the forms and pours the footings and basement walls.

Once completed, the water and sewer services are brought into the project and anything such as underfloor heating before the basement floor is poured.

The next step is up to the framing contractor to frame the entire project according to the plans taking it to lockup stage (meaning all doors and windows in place and roof sheeted)

This parts starts to get exciting because you can see the building of your dream home take shape.

Moving On With The Project

While things progress inside, the exterior is being worked on. The shingles, siding or stucco or whatever you have chosen. You need to make sure that your new home’s exterior is of high quality and therefore leakproof, there are many companies that can help protect your new home from the elements, such as M&M Home Exteriors.

It is now time for the electrician and plumbing services, to do their rough in.

As this is completed, the insulating and drywalling process take place.

At this point, the painter will generally come in and paint the entire home.

Everything is really taking shape with building your dream homebuilding your dream home house

The Finishing Touches

It is now time for the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and any build-ins you had planned for your home.

The countertops are installed which can be granite, laminate, Corian or what you may have chosen.

The interior finisher takes over installing all the interior trim around doors, windows, baseboards.

Stair railings, all closet shelving along with any special features you had selected.

This may include hardwood floors, fireplace mantel, entertainment centre, bookshelves, other furniture etc. . . Don’t forget that if you are buying furniture you can easily go on a site like Shiply and have it delivered to your house without anything going wrong.

You can now visualize your furniture in the different rooms.

The Final Touchbuilding your dream home finish workives-this-traditional-home-office-a-timeless-look[1]

The plumber and electrician now come in to install sinks etc while the electrical outlets are all installed.

The painter may want to come in at this point to do touch-ups if needed.




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