Building Toy Replicas

Building Toy Replicas

A Great Hobby Or Business Is Building Toy Replicas

Whether you’re looking for something to do as a hobby or a business, building toy replicas can be very rewarding woodworking projects. In my case, I am retired from a cabinet business that we operated for 25 years and loved every minute of it.

After retiring I wanted something to do to pass my time away and still enjoy what I was doing. I looked at various things to try but my passion was to do something with wood.Mar 2012 005

The longer I looked at building toy replicas, the more enthused I became.

How To Pick Your Niche

If you have woodworking in your blood, I recommend you take a look at building toy replicas to fuel your passion. The replicas that I do are not really toys but rather scaled down models of the real thing. They are intended for displays rather than toys. There are sites on the internet that you can get all kinds of plans. Some are free and others you pay for.

The price you pay is general the reflection of the quality.

How To Get Started In Building toy Replicas

Depending on what level of woodworking experience you have, will determine the level of building toys or replicas you should try. Not only does it require experience, but also a greater amount of tools.

To get started tools you should have:-

  • a table sawreplicas high hoe
  • a band saw
  • drill press and a good set of bits
  • belt sander and disk sander combination
  • hand tools
  • scroll saw
  • palm sander
  • sandpaper and sanding block
  • files
  • rotor and carbide bits

You may find as you go along, that there will be other tools to make the job easier.

The Building Of Toy Replicas

When doing any project it is important that you have a good plan with good details in front of you. Take the time to study the plans before you start to get yourself use to them.

The plans that I use are from a company at    These plans are all to scale which makes it nice to do. The pieces once cut out of wood will be accurate and fit together perfectly making your project a success. The pieces to the projects are made from scrap pieces of hardwood. I get a lot of these pieces from a local shop at the high school. This keeps the cost down.

Enjoy Your Building Toy Replicasreplicas low boy and cat

You will have great success if you pay attention to the plans. With these plans, everything on the replica works just as they do on the real thing.

  • the hydraulic  go in and out where there are cylinders
  • the blades go up and down on the bulldozer
  • The wheels all turn
  • The interiors are also a replica

As you build your product, use your imagination and add feature to make it extreme

Enjoy Your Project!!!




Omer Charest

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