Building Vanities

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Building Vanities

Building vanities is a very essential part of any bathroom however a high skilled level is needed to complete this task so if you’re new to woodworking you may want to Visit the for your vanity. The average home today requires three vanities to accommodate the luxury of three bathrooms. Times have definitely come along ways from the little house out back.Building Vanities

Styles Of Vanities

There are many different styles, sizes and shapes of vanities to match the decor.

Building vanities you must first determine the location, plumbing location and the size.

The standard height of a vanity usually is 31″ but can be built higher to accommodate adults.

The average width of a vanity is 21 1/4″ to accommodate the sink.

Planning The Style Of The Vanity

Once having determined the length of the vanity, you can decide on how many drawers, (three bank units on each end ) doors under the sink area or any special feature you would like to build in.

I recommend drawing a sketch with all dimensions on it to avoid errors.

Building The VanityBuilding Vanities

Vanities can be built of solid wood or a melamine case with solid wood doors and drawer fronts. What works well for vanities is the Thermofoil Cabinet Doors They ware well, easy to clean and look great coming in many colours.

Building The Case

The case is built as any cabinet case. Learning the basics of cabinet building is a very important step to achieving your goal. You will want to learn how to edge band all the raw edges to make the case a finished product.

Building The DrawersBuilding Vanities

Building the drawers is not difficult to do once you learn how. In most cases, a simple drawer will serve you well. The drawers are generally built from 1/2″ melamine (the drawer rails, the front and back as well as the bottom)

Doors And Drawer Fronts

At this point, the door and drawer fronts can be installed.

Building The Vanity Counter

The counter can be built of 3/4″ or 5/8″ underlay and covered with a laminate to give you a very durable counter.

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