Choosing the right table saw can make all the difference.

Choosing The Right Table Saw

choosing the right saw cabinet saw

Choosing The Right Table Saw

table saw sawstop-professional-cabinet-saw-910945Choosing the right table saw regardless of the size of the woodworking shop, the shop is built around the table saw. That’s because we depend on our table saw for many operations in the shop, with some finding that using a Docking Saw could help with their work.

Because of the demand from a table saw, the buying decision is very critical as you will be using it for many years. You’ll need to do some thorough research on websites like before you buy one to ensure it’s perfect for your workshop.

The good news about buying a saw today, they have improved them greatly over the past decade. Today the quality and safety has improved a great deal.

How Big A Saw Do I Need?

This will depend on the size of a saw to fit your operation and budget. Most saws today have added a greatly improved fence system along with a real riving knife and a strong enough motor for the size of the saw.

Job Site Or Bench Top Saw ($200 – $600)table saw dewalt

Today the bench saw is somewhat more HD than previous saws. They too have a fairly accurate fence system and a more HD ball bearing motor. The beauty with this saw is it can be easily moved around and set up quickly and easily.

Contractor Saw ($700 – $900)

table saw contractorMost contractor saws today have also improved greatly. Most have done away with the old cantilever motor mount where the motor hung out the back of the saw. The new system mounts the motor under the table and uses a sturdier trunion that won’t go out of alignment.

Hybrid Saws ($765 – $1000)table saw-Hybrid

In general, the features that distinguish them from a contractor saw are the have large cast iron tops, mostly enclosed stands and feature a 1 3/4 – 2 hp motors.

These saws have the durability, power and accuracy to meet the demand of the woodworker.

Cabinet Saw ($1125 – $3200)

table saw -cabinetIf your shop space and wallet support this, you can not go wrong with a full-size cabinet saw.

These machines feature plenty of power and vibration absorbing cast iron. This would probably be the only saw you would ever have to buy. These are built for the long haul.

Saw Safety Features

  • Stop saw has a feature that stops the blade dead when it comes in contact with flesh.
  • Most saws today have riving knives which prevent kickback from the blade.
  • All saws come with blade guards and anti-kickback paws.
  • Emergency shut off
  • Dust collecting system.
  • Right and left blade tilt (the most common is the left tilt)
  • Fence systems today come in 30″ fence and the 52″ (By all means take the 52″ if room allows)
  • Mitre gauges today are more sturdy and accurate.
  • There are many accessories available for saws today.
  • Most saws have onboard storage which is very handy.

What About Blades?

Buy a good quality blade in the $50 – $60 range. They will last longer and do a better job.




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