Choosing Woodworking As A Hobby

Choosing Woodworking As A Hobbytable

Choosing woodworking as a hobby can be a very rewarding challenge if you are doing it for the first time. It can not only be rewarding to you but also people who use the creations you’ve made or those you share you work with. In choosing woodworking to be your passion, there are many different avenues to pursue. It can also let you meet people with the same passion as you, should you work out how to make your own website and share your work with others. Depending on how much thought you have put into it and your level of skill in woodworking, can be the determining factor in your endeavour.

Always keep in mind to enjoy building your project.

Choosing Your Work Place

Choosing your woodworking place for most beginners is either in the basement of your home or out in the garage. Either place make a good location to begin your woodworking project.

The idea is to keep your expenses down when starting out.

In doing so, there are a few things of importance to make the area comfortable and safe to work in.

  • good lighting in the area as well as above your workbench
  • heated area if plans are to use it in the winterEasy way to get stated in woodworking
  • a well-ventilated area
  • be away from open flames such as a furnace or water heater
  • you will need a table or workbench to start out with
  • you will need a few hand tools as well a few power tools as I cover in my other post (The Easiest Way To Get Started In Woodworking)
  • always practice safety in the work area

By practicing good safety, this will lessen your chances of injury and increase your enjoyment.


Deciding What Your Project Will Be

Having researched and studied your findings on several different woodworking projects can help a great deal to determine what you would like to pursue.

Whether it is a simple birdhouse, a storage box, a bookshelf or something a bit more challenging. Once you make the decision, this will be your first major step to make your project reality.

With the aid of the internet, there is much information available to help you get started.

Getting Your Plan TogetherimagesU5IBTGXX

Now that you have laid the groundwork, it is time to go to work. The first thing I would recommend is to get a detailed plan for your chosen project.

This means a plan with good drawings including all measurements. There are plans available for download off the internet if you search a bit. By having a plan, you can now make out a material list for your woodworking project. This will mean such material as wood, screws, nails, wood glue etc. When it comes to selecting the wood, you may want to seek advice from the man at the lumber yard.

Once you have everything back in your workshop, study the plans very close to determine step one – step two and so on.

Always measure twice and cut once.

Have fun doing your woodworking project and GOOD LUCK.




Omer Charest

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