How to finish interior wood

How To Finish Interior Wood

how to finish interior wood

How To Finish Interior Woodhow to finish interior wood stain

How to finish interior wood like a pro is what most woodworkers would like to achieve and can but must first understand the process and technique that must take place. Most people believe that buying a finished board from the lumberyard means it is ready to put the finished product on. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Prepping The Boards

When buying finished material, it may appear to be smooth. When looking at the surface in the light you will see small imperfections left behind from the planer. This may seem not to be a big deal but when the finished product is applied, these marks show up like headlights. They must be removed.

How to finish interior wood sandingThe first steps are:-

  • Take your belt sander using 100 grit belt, belt sand with the grain until the planing marks disappear.
  • Take your half sheet vibrating sander with  120 grit sandpaper and sand up and down the board in a straight line.
  • Take your quarter sheet palm sander with 180 grit and do the final sanding passes till it is smooth to the touch.

At this point clean surface with compressed air and a  lint free cloth and then check the surface in the light to make sure the surface is free from imperfections. If free of imperfections, you are good to go.

Applying The Finish Product

Making sure the wood is totally free from dust, the finished product can go to finish interior wood sanding

  • If you are staining the wood, a pre-stain conditioner will have to be applied first to give you an even stain application.
  • Once the pre-stain conditioner is dry, the stain can now be applied making sure it is well stirred.
  • Apply stain lucratively, wipe off the excess and leave till dry.
  • A water base urethane works well as a top coat (it won’t yellow and is very durable)
  • Apply 3 coats lightly sanding in between coats.
  • Your last coat is lightly polished with a rubbing pad.

Enjoy your finished product




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