Interior Finishing

Installing interior trim

What Is Interior Finishing?baseboards

Interior finishing is the process of installing all the wood trim around windows, doors etc. There are many things included in interior finishing that requires great skill and tools to perform the job well. As a specialist in your trade, this field can be very rewarding as a woodworking project. The details are generally agreed upon before starting the project between you and the homeowner. (or contractor)

By having many different woodworking ideas stored in the back of your head, can put you in great demand in the field with customers.

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Some Of The Areas You Will Be Covering:-

Install all trim around doors and windows,  all interior doors, closet shelving (including closet organizers) Install all stair railings and balcony railings,  any cove mouldings around the ceiling, and built-in shelving units. Build and install fireplace mantel, build and install entertainment centre, any special features like door headers and build-outs. Install hardwood floors and any special feature walls. As you can see there is a lot to interior finishing.

Some Of The Tools Required For Interior Finishing:-

To do a perfect job in finishing requires two things, lots of experience and a line of good quality tools well maintained. You miter sawwill want to have a good 12″ double mitre saw with a carbide tip blade to make perfect mitre cuts. A nice portable table saw set up to provide accuracy when cutting material. The aid of an electric plane, belt sander, block plane, jigsaw, router and good carbide tip bits along with a full line of hand tools. Of course, you will want to have air nailers and floor stapler with an air compressor to operate them while doing your woodworking projects. The use of cordless drills and small press drill are also essential tools along with a good set of bits. You will probably have some favourite jigs you made up through the years to help you with certain jobs throughout the project.

The better you set yourself up for your woodworking projects, the easier it is.


Going To Work And Where To Start

Like anything else, you will have a routine down pat that you will fallow and feel comfortable doing so. The art of interior finishing can be very rewarding because you literally apply the finishing touches. You will be the creator of many features in this project.



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