Joinery Craftsmanship

joinery craftsmanship

Joinery Craftsmanship

Joinery craftsmanship has been around for years. In fact I like to refer to joinery craftsmanship as old school carpentry. The ability to join two pieces of wood togetherjoinery craftsmanship with-out using any nails or screws as fasteners. Joinery craftsmanship years back required much skill and a lot of work was preformed by hand. Our forefathers did not have the modern power tools such as a drill press, that we have today. As we look back at some of the great joinery our forefathers left behind, only spurred on more refined methods of joinery.

Wooden Projects Of The Past

As the necessity of furniture for the home arose, our forefathers took on the challenge. Even today because of hand crafted furniture, you will find some great pieces of furniture that still looks great and maintains the joinery craftsmanship of it’s time. You will find things such as old dinning room tables and chair sets that are still as beautiful as the day they were built. The crafting of a beautiful hutch, chest of drawers, dressers and bed sets still can be found.

The carpenter or craftsman himself would have had his own tool box completely built from the skills of joinery.

The Types Of Joinery Craftsmanship Today

There are many types of joinery today because of the specialized equipment we have today.Joinery

  • Regardless of which method of joinery you select, each method has it’s place and will supply a strong unique joint that will last for years to come. A popular method today is dowelling. This is preformed with a dowelling tool that allows you to drill in the edge of boards and then gluing and inserting dowels into the holes and clamping into place. When complete, the seam is perfect.
  • The lamello tool is another method of joinery which is probably more flexible than dowelling. This method is done with sometimes refer to as a bisque cutter which cuts 1/2 moon groves into the two pieces to be joined together. Wafers are then glued and inserted in the groves and clamped till dry. This tool can also be used to join mitered corners, mid joints and box joints.
  • Another very popular method of joinery is the finger joint or dove tail joints. This provides a good strong joint usually used to assemble drawer parts together. The use of this method can be found in furniture building and the construction of such things as a tool box.
  • thU054MXN9You will even find methods of joinery in the construction of log homes and homes built today.

The art of joinery craftsmanship has been around for years and will continue to be around for years to come.

Mastering the art of joinery is something to be very proud of as you learn to do more and more.



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