How To Use The Lamello Biscuit Joiner

How To Use The Lamello Biscuit Joiner

Lamello biscuit joiner

 How To Use The Lamello Biscuit Joiner

How to use the lamello biscuit joiner and what it is primarily used for may be questions you have if you have never used one. The lamello biscuit joiner is a special tool for cutting half moon slots into material to insert the lamello biscuit into when joining two pieces of material together. The biscuits are glued and inserted into the slots causing the biscuit to swell giving you a very strong joint.Lamello biscuit joiner

The art of joinery has been around for many years and is still a practice widely used in construction today. Using the biscuit is just one of many methods of joinery.

Using The Lamello Biscuit Joiner

Using the Lamello tool is very simple once you understand just how it works. Say in the event you are building a table top and want to join all the boards together.

First laying the boards out flat side by side, place a line on both boards across from each other marking the place where the slot for the biscuit will be made. These slots should be about 4 -6″ apart. Placing the Lamello joiner on the mark lining it up with the mark on the tool, press inward on the tool to cut the slot in the board. Cut slots at all the locations marked.

Putting glue into the slots and installing the biscuits, you can line up your boards and clamp together pulling the joint tight. When the glue is dry, it is impossible to pull the joint apart leaving a very strong joint that will last for ever.

Lamello biscuit joinerThe fence on the Lamello biscuit joiner tool can be adjusted to different angles to cut slots for different applications.

Enjoying Your Lamello Biscuit Joiner

The more you use the Lamello biscuit joiner, the more you will discover ways to to use it in different applications.







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