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Mounting Router Into Table Saw Deck


Mounting Router Into Table Saw DeckDSCF3162

Mounting router into a table saw deck will increase the use of your router flexibility many times over. The router is a very universal power tool if set up properly.

In the small shop, it doesn’t always allow you the luxury of a separate router table to achieve much the same things you can do when mounted in your table saw deck.

Deciding Where To Locate Your Router Into The Deck

Depending on the size of your table saw deck, and room to work with your material will dictate where in the deck you should mount your router.

There really is no preference as to which side of the deck it goes, as long as it is easily accessible.

Preparing The Deck For Mounting

DSCF3161You will need to purchase a large mounting plate to attach to the base of your router. This can be purchased at most woodworking tool suppliers.

You then take the new base plate and place it on the location of the deck you have chosen. Draw a line around the outside of the new base plate which gives you the very outside of the mount. Draw a second line inside of the outer line about 3/4″. Taking your jigsaw you can cut out the inside of the layout fallowing the inside line.

You will now want to router in a recess in the deck that your new router base will sit in. The recess should be accurately cut the thickness of the router base making it flush with the top of the deck.

Install The RouterDSCF3160

Once you have removed the base plate of your router and replaced it with the large base, you can now set your router into the deck recess. You are now ready to go.

Always keep safety in mind such as hearing protection and eye protection.

Enjoy Your New Router Installation.



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