Power Tool Friendly Bench

Power Tool Friendly Bench

The power tool friendly bench is very compact and is designed for the small workshop to house your power tools. In the application, it has a bench saw and a spindle sander mounted in the unit. This bench can be customized to install any tools,  drawers or door storage compartments.

The unit is on casters which allows it to be easily moved around the shop and can be easily stored along with the wall when not in use.

Building The Tool Friendly BenchPower Tool Friendly Bench

The bench was designed to be very sturdy. The bench top is an 80″ X 30″ passage door with 3/4″ plywood laminated to each side to give you a smooth strong surface to work on. On the one end of the bench is a vice and at the other end is a router mounted into the bench top.

The bench saw is mounted on a 16″ HD drawer slide to pull it in and out of storage position. The framework for the saw is made of 3/4″ plywood which makes it very strong.

When the saw is in use, you simply pull the saw out and elevate it into position and lock it there. The benchtop serves as an outfeed table for the saw. The spindle sander being somewhat taller than the saw is still mounted in the same fashion as the saw.

The bench was designed so that when building one, you can mount whatever power tools you desire. This can be personalized to your needs.

Locking The Tool Friendly Bench

The bench was well thought out. To keep the bench from moving around the floor when in use, the casters are raised off the floor and the bench rests on a solid frame below making the bench good and solid.

Enjoy your power tool friendly bench.


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