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Reclaimed Wood Projects

reclaimed wood projects

Reclaimed Wood Projects

Reclaimed wood projects are exciting, challenging and fulfilling. Reclaiming 100 year old barn wood is an art in itself, but turning it into a beautiful piece of furniture takes skill. But it’s definitely possible, and the results are so worth it. Reclaimed wood is furniture is becoming more and more popular and is one of the key trends of Miami furniture designs. People will pay a lot of money for reclaimed wood furniture. reclaimed wood projects

It always amazes me as different ideas keep arising when it comes to constructing beautiful barn wood projects.

The wood itself might be old but shows off its beauty from weathering for years.

Barn wood is not something you can buy in the lumber yard.

You must search the countryside looking for old buildings that are dangerously leaning or have already fallen down.

In searching for the perfect building, always keep in mind that these buildings belong to someone and you should get permission before entering the property.

Also, these buildings have become very unstable over the years and could be very dangerous to venture into without checking them out first.

The Preparation Of Beautiful Barn Wood Projects

Too many people working with barn wood, like the rustic look it offers without doing anything to the wood itself.

Some of the rustic projects range from

  • building a bedroom set
  • doing feature walls
  • old rustic out side furniture
  • table and chair set
  • pool table
  • picture frames
  • benches

What ever the mind can endure, beautiful barn wood projects are possible

Finishing The Woodreclaimed wood projects

Some people prefer finishing the wood to a beautiful finish showing off the different wood grain that this wood hold within.

The process of running these boards though a thickness planner and putting it through a sanding process, can get you some of the nicest wood available today.

By adding a natural finish to the wood, will increase the depth of the grains look.

This process looks great on

  • table tops
  • furniture
  • where ever you prefer a refined look.

Tips On Working With Barn Wood Projectsreclaimed wood projects

If you are looking for the rustic look then just leave it in the state you found the wood.

If you prefer the more finish look, you will have to be prepared to spend more time to get that look.

Before running barn wood through a thickness planner, always check for nails or any metal ( remember this is reclaimed wood )

Always practice safety in the old barns and in the shop

Enjoy your beautiful barn wood projects




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