Router Basics For The Beginner In The Workshop.

Router Basics

Router basics

Router Basics

Router basics are the key to making your router preform at the top level when you take the time to learn the basics.

As you may know, there are many things you can do with the use of a router. I consider  a router to be a must tool in the workshop.

Types Of Routers

The word router is a general term for this amazing tool. There are different routers for different jobs in which each have their own unique features starting with their size and flexibility in their performance.Router Basics

  • The most common router no doubt is the middle size router that in most shops can either be used free hand or mounted in a stationary router table. If you have a table saw in your shop, you can purchase an adapter mounting plate to mount your router directly to your table saw table giving you much flexibility when using it.

Not only is your router stationary but you also have the combination of the fence on your bench saw to attach jigs to and provide accuracy while using your router. Part of router basics.

  • The second most common router I would have to say is the laminate trimmer used for trimming laminate edges while building counter tops. With the use of a special laminate bit (straight bit with a bearing at the bottom) you will get a perfect trim every time.
  • There are also 15 – 22 degree tapered laminate bits that do an excellent job leaving a slight bevel to your laminate edge.


  • The third but not least is the large plunge router which is much more powerful and used for heavier jobs. It’s main use is to cut a hole or a grove into a piece of wood by simply placing the router over the location and pushing down on the router top handles, which in turn forces the bit into the wood leaving a perfect job.

The framer will use a plunge router generally for building stairs to dado out the stair stringers where the 

Router Basicsstair tread will run.

Router Bits

There are many different router bits available each having there own job. For instance putting a nice rounder edge on a piece of wood or perhaps choosing a router bit to put a specific profile on a counter edge.

The art of making your own mouldings by building specific jigs and using your preferred bit to achieve the job. There are bits available today to build your own kitchen cabinet doors and make special mouldings to complement the décor.

Router Safety

You must always take precaution when using a router because the bit has no respect for fingers.

Always secure the piece of wood as to have control of it at all times. the use of many different jigs works great while using the router. Always make sureRouter Basics you go with the grain and not against to prevent kick back causing injury.

The more you use your router the more uses you will discover for building your woodworking projects.

In doing toy replicas, the router is a very handy piece of equipment to have in the shop.

Stay safe and enjoy working with router basics.



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