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Safety In The Workplace

Shop safetyShop Safety

Shop safety in the work area is very important. As one knows there are a lot of power tools that can be very dangerous if safety isn’t practised.

When using a shop power tool, it is good practice to mentally prepare yourself for what if. What if I should slip or fall, where will I land?

Shop Safety With The Table Saw

The table saw can be very dangerous if safety is ignored. As the blade spins in the direction towards you, it is very easy to have kickback. It is important that you keep your hands clear of the blade. A push stick should be used.

You should always stand off to the side of the blade and not directly behind it to prevent pieces from flying back and hitting you.

Shop Safety With The Jointer

The jointer also being a cutting power tool also requires safety. When pushing a piece of material through the jointer, push blocks should always be used. When planning the edge of a board, it is good practice to cup your hand over the fence to prevent your hand from slipping into the blade.

The question what if I should fall into the machine, am I prepared?

Shop Safety With The Bandsawshop safety

The bandsaw being different from other cutting tools requires little different safety rules. The bandsaw consists of two wheels with a blade travelling around them in a downward direction. This does make the bandsaw quiet safe to use. You will not experience kickback such as on a table saw.

Never the less it is important that you adjust the blade guard about 1/4″ above the workpiece. On straight cuts, always use a fence and keep hands away from the blade. As the material passes through the blade, it is good practice to reach around the blade and pull the material through rather than push it.

Additional Shop Safety

Always protect your eyes and ears with proper safety equipment.




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