Small Woodworking Shop Layout

small woodworking shop layout

Small Woodworking Shop Layoutsmall woodworking shop layout

Small woodworking shop layout is very important to allow you the room you need to operate some of your equipment to its capacity. This post will be talking about setting up shop in a single car garage space. If set up properly, this can make a great woodworking shop for beginners.

Before you start moving in, I suggest you measure the total space you have to work with and draw a diagram. Knowing the equipment you want to put in this space and how much room you will need for each piece of equipment is very important.

Laying Out The Shop

When setting up the layout for a small shop, you will want to consider building a few units on wheels so when not in use can be folded up and stored along the wall out of the way. This might include your router table, mitre saw thickness planer and possibly storage racks and workbench.

small woodworking shop layoutWhen laying out for the table saw space, it is nice to have 9-10′ of space in front of the saw and the same on the output side to allow for long stock. Best location for the table saw would be more so in the middle of the room. A jointer requires a few feet on both ends and should be placed on one of the walls. The workbench can serve as an outfeed table on the table saw if you don’t have an outfeed folding table on the saw. You can also save space by building storage under the workbench and some of the portable equipment.

The wall space can be organized to your needs with wall cabinets or just shelving. A wall rack for storing mouldings etc is very handy.

Using Your Woodworking Shop

You may find as you use your shop sometimes things work better in different locations so feel free to move things around.







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