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Spaying Lacquer With HVLP

Spraying Lacquer With HVLT

Spraying Lacquer With HVLPSpraying Lacquer With HVLT

Spraying lacquer with HVLP is a method of spraying lacquer that is relatively new to the field. (HVLP stands for high volume low pressure)

Through the years the quality of lacquer has improved greatly. Lacquers today are very durable and resistant to yellowing. The brands of lacquers today, can all be sprayed providing they are intended for spraying.

Types Of Lacquer

Cabinet Lacquer :- This lacquer is very durable as a catalyzed high build lacquer. It is resistant to yellowing.

General Lacquer:- This lacquer is used on most projects that don’t demand high wear.

Brush Lacquers:- This is used mainly for smaller projects and is applied with a brush.Spraying lacquer with HVLP

Preparing The Lacquer For Spraying

Any lacquer should be thoroughly stirred to mix the solids with the lacquer which settle to the bottom of the can. These solids is what determines the sheen of the finish.

Once completely mixed, in order to spray the lacquer, you will have to thin it with lacquer thinner approximately 25%

It should also be thoroughly mixed and using a cone filter, filter the lacquer into your HVLP gun.

Setting The HVLP GunSpraying Lacquer With HVLT

The settings on a spray gun can vary from one gun to another. The best way to set your gun is to spray test patterns on a piece of cardboard.

By adjusting the air valve and the liquid valve on your gun, you will be able to get the desired spray pattern.

The air supply to your gun for spraying is generally supplied by a small portable compressor. This can be a regular air compressor or a small compressor designed for spraying. There are loads of different kinds of air compressors out there, so make sure you get the right one for you. If you aren’t sure about what to get then you can see more at

Obviously it will depend on the kind of thing you want it for. As air compressors can be used for industrial things but also home DIY projects. Air compressors have a number of uses, such as to fill gas cylinders for industrial purposes and scuba diving, to create the power needed to run pneumatic tools and spray guns, for pumping up automotive tires, and within the heating and air conditioning systems. So you’ll easily be able to find the one that you want.



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