The Art Of Woodworking

The Art Of Woodworking

The Art Of Woodworking

The art of woodworking is definitely just that. Being able to create something from a raw material such as wood and turn it into a masterpiece, is nothing short of an art.

As we look around we see woodworking projects that makes one ask themselves, how did they do that? The next question might be, can I do that?Octagon Picnic Table

I am here to tell you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

You can achieve whatever the mind can imagine.

How To Get Started

The art of woodworking generally begins with an idea. This may be something you have seen, something you have dreamed about for some time wondering just how to do it or sometimes you have always wanted to create with your own two hands. Usually when it becomes a burning sensation in your mind, to a point where you are motivated to research and learn about your dream project, is a good indication you will turn your project into reality.

Know what you want and go for it is the key to success.

How To Select Your Art Of Woodworking

There are many things out there that may interest you but realizing the level of skill and amount of tools required may restrict you with advanced choices. Not that you can’t do them, it just means further down the line as you gain skills and equipment to complete.

Take your time and gather as much information as possible.

Thanks to the internet, there are all kinds of information on different woodworking projects. You can find websites that provide many different ideas, along with detailed plans of how to build it.


My Passion Of Woodworking Art Projects

Having worked with wood for many years, I always enjoyed it. After retiring from my cabinet shop of twenty-five years, I was looking for a hobby that I could do.

There are many areas that you can pursue such as:-loader

  • wood carvings ( animal, wall carvings etc)
  • toy building
  • odd and different creations
  • sculpturing
  • usable projects
  • building furniture
  • outdoor creations (bid houses, patio furniture)
  • signs of all sorts
  • wooden replicas

My passion in the art of woodworking was wooden toy replicas. I not only had a passion for wood but also to create a scale working model of construction equipment.

Having searched the web, I located a site (Toys and Joys) which right away put me in high gear. This does involve higher levels of skills and more shop equipment. If this is your interest, you will find a way to achieve your projects

Getting Started With Wooden Replicas

The first things you want to do is:-

  • go to the website (Toys and Joys)
  • make your selection (something a little simpler at first)
  • you will find the plans are all to scale which takes the guesswork out.
  • they will also supply basic kits (wheels and doweling)
  • I prefer to make my projects of different types of hardwood to give it contrast.

Tools That Will Be Required

  • bench sawThe art of woodworking
  • band saw
  • scroll saw
  • belt and disk sander
  • drill press with a set of good bits
  • rotor with good carbide bits
  • sandpaper and files and chisels
  • spaying equipment if you have it otherwise lacquer in a spray bomb

When working around this type of equipment it can be very dangerous because you are working with small pieces. Always practice good safety in the shop and make lots of jigs to hold the pieces and save some fingers.

Take your time and enjoy your woodworking project.



Omer Charest

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