Tips to avoid building a workbench can be very beneficial.

Tips To Avoid Building A Workbench

Tips to avoid building a workbench

Tips To Avoid Building A WorkbenchTips to avoid building a workbench

Tips to avoid building a workbench can make all the difference in the world when it comes to using it. I know you have your idea of what a workbench should look like, but I encourage you to read this blog before you build that bench.

Steps To Pay Attention To

  • Too many woodworking vises:- yes you should have vises but only the essential ones. You should have a Face Vise and a Tail Vice. This will take care of your needs.
  • Too many dog / holdfast holes:- If you have a tail vise, you need a row of closely spaced dog holes up near the front of your bench top.  If you use holdfasts, you need about eight holdfast holes.
  • Don’t over do the wood types used:- A good bench can be built from plywood as long as it is built heavy
  • Over-agonizing the workbench height:-  Pick a height between your thigh and waist that seems right.
  • Don’t attempt to store all your tools in it:- It is a single work surface that should be flat and solid.
  • Building the bench too deep:- A bench too deep limits you to what you can use it for. hint ( the benchtop should be less in depth than the casework you will work on)Tips to avoid building a workbench
  • Choosing the wrong tools to build a workbench:- If you choose to use solid wood for the top, run it through a jointer – not hand plane.
  • Trying to re-invent the wheel with new workbench designs:- Don’t try to reinvent the bench. Benches have been built for over 3,000 years so you can assume the design is proven.
  • Don’t make it too nice:- As much as you may want the nicest workbench, it is not practical. The workbench is to work on and not necessarily a show piece.


Good Luck On Building Your Workbench



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