Tool Setup And Maintenance

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Tool Setup And Maintenance

Tool setup and maintenance is a very important step to doing woodworking. You should first take the time to layout your shop floor plan as to where the best locations would be for each piece of equipment.

Depending on the size of your shop, for instance, you should have about 10′-12′ behind your bench saw and 10′-12′ in front of the saw to allow for cutting large pieces such as 4×8′ sheets of plywood.

The shop layout will give you the room you need to  be comfortable when using your equipment.

Tool Adjustments For Accuracy

The first tool we will set up will be the table saw. Just because it may be brand new doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be set up. In most cases it does.shoptool set up and equipment

The steps to set up your table saw:-

  • Aligning the mitre guide groves to the blade. This means loosening the 4 bolts under the table top so it can be taped into alignment.
  • Place an adjustable try square into the mitre slot and make contact with a blade tool on the rear of the blade.
  • Mark the tooth and rotate it to the front and take a reading with your try square (it should read 2-3 this of an inch difference max.)
  • If more than 2-3 this you will have to tap the table in the direction required to achieve the specs. Once there, tighten 4 bolts.
  • Aligning the tabletop extensions:- You will have extensions on both sides of the table which have to be adjusted flush with the table.
  • This is done by loosening the mounting bolts, clamp a block of wood across the joint and tighten the bolt. Do the same at both ends and tighten all bolts.
  • Same procedure for both table extensions.
  • Aligning the fence for woodworking:- Place your fence parallel with the mitre groves to see if it is parallel to the grove.
  • If not there are 2 adjusting screws on the fence to change the alignment.images7L2ZX3QN
  • The blade inserts adjustment:- This must be flat with the table as to not get hung up when sliding material over it. There are 4 adjusting screws on the insert if it requires adjustment.
  • Adjusting the bade stops:- This is checked by raising the blade and with a square, check it for square with the table. There are tilt stop screws under the deck that are used to set the stops.
  • The same procedure for setting the 45 degrees stop but using the 45-degree square to check the tilt.
  • Align the splitter that is located directly behind the blade with it’s adjusting screws. It should line up perfectly with the blade.

This concludes your table saw set up for your woodworking projects.

Setting Up Other Power Tools10151283_265336856973560_2017531857_n[1]

Setting up a band saw is much the same as the table saw.

Most of your hand tools will require basic maintenance from time to time. The whole key is to keep your equipment in good working condition and your tools and blades sharp.

You are now ready to enjoy the accuracy of your equipment as you proceed with your woodworking projects




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