Tree House Building

tree house building

 Tree House Buildingtree house building

Tree house building can be a lot of fun to build. There are many different styles of tree houses giving you great choices. Tree houses have always been very popular for young and old.

Choosing The Location

The first thing you will want to do is check with town or city bylaws before building a tree house to see if there are any restrictions in your area.

You will then want to find a large tree or trees to support the weight of the tree house without damage to the tree. Safety must always be kept in mind. Depending on the size and shape of the tree house, may require building among several trees to distribute the weight of the tree house.

Tree House Plans

Tree House Building The Decktree house building

Tree house building requires a lot of planning to get the weight distributed correctly. If you are building a smaller square tree house, the construction is fairly simple.

Decide the height  of the house off the ground and at that location attach a beam on each side of the trunk using proper spacers and hardware to attach them to the tree.

The floor joists can now be installed across the two beams providing temporary support from posts below to the ground. The floor deck is now installed allowing 2″ + around the truck of the tree for growth.

tree house buildingBracing The Deck

The deck can be supported from each corner extending on an angle to the tree trunk ( called knee brace) where they are anchored with proper hardware.

Framing The Walls And Roof

tree house buildingThe walls are framed as any wall construction is done by laying out your wall studs, making openings for doors and windows, nailing them together and sheathing them in.

The roof can now be framed in allowing 2″+ clearance where the tree trunk goes through to allow for tree growth.

Building The Stairs

Tree house building usually requires a set of stairs to allow you access into the tree house.

This Completes Your Tree house.





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