Turning Your Band Saw Into a Sawmill getting beautiful slabs.

Turning Your Band Saw Into A Sawmill

turning your band saw into a sawmill

Turning Your Band Saw Into A Sawmillturning your band saw into a sawmill

Turning your bandsaw into a sawmill is just one more awesome use for that band saw. Sometimes it is very difficult to find nice wood at the lumber yard for a special woodworking project. Well, now you can get this wood which otherwise may have been firewood.

Setting Up Your Band Saw Into A Sawmill

In turning your bandsaw into a sawmill, you will have to make a simple bracket to support the log being cut. This is simply two pieces of 3/4″ wood nailed together at 90 deg to act as an outrigger for the log preventing from rolling from side to side. The log is secured to the outrigger using long screws. You could also check out some Custom lumber saws if you don’t fancy the work or you’re looking to do something on a slightly larger scale!

Cutting The Log

The logs will cut easier if the log is still green and using a wide blade on your band saw.

turning your band saw into a sawmillWhen cutting the log you first cut the log lengthwise in half. This will now give you a flat surface to continue cutting slabs from this log. Also once the log is cut in half, you will clearly be able to see the kind of grain this log has produced. So long as you’re using a quality bandsaw you’ll have no problem doing this.

You will then want to remove the log from the outrigger and turn it 1/4 turn to give you two flat surfaces. Once this is done, using the fence on your band saw, you can proceed to cut the slabs from the log. Adjust the fence to the thickness you want the slabs.

While cutting the slabs you will want to pay attention to the grain in the wood and mark your book match pieces to use in unique projects.

Enjoying The Results Of Cutting Your Own Slabsturning your band saw into a sawmill

Every log has its own character which makes it fun not knowing what the next log will bring.

Enjoy making your personal sawmill and cutting your own wood.



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