using mitre saw requires knowledge and much practice.

Using Mitre Saw

Using mitre saw

Using Mitre Sawusing a miter saw

Using a mitre saw for cutting mitred joints by hand can be difficult and time-consuming. Whether you are running baseboards or trim around a large home, or you are building a project that requires many accurate cuts, a power mitre saw will improve the quality of your work while making the job much easier.

 Select The Type And Size Mitre Saw You Will Need

SIZE:- This is determined by the blade diameter, and normally varies between 8 and 12 inches. The diameter of the saw’s blade will determine how wide and thick the material you are cutting can be.

There are three types of mitre saws.

A:- Standard mitre saw: The basic, standard mitre saw will make a perpendicular cut through a board or other material at angles typically ranging from 45 degrees left (counterclockwise) to 45 degrees right (clockwise). An angle scale and locking device keep the blade correctly aligned.

B:-Compound mitre saw: Adds the ability to tilt the blade at a specified angle from vertical, to cut a compound angle.

C:-Sliding mitre saw: The saw slides along a horizontal arm, similar to a radial arm saw. It can be pushed through the material being cut, which allows a much wider piece of stock to be sawed.Using mitre saw

Choosing And Using A Mitre Saw

  • Selecting the right HP in a saw is very important. A standard mitre saw will draw 12 – 15 amps on 120 volts. If you are cutting very tough and heavier stock, you may want to upgrade to an industrial saw on 220 volts.
  • Mitre saws run from $80.00 to $1000.00 in price. If you need one for just a small job, you may choose to rent one.
  • Read the manual and get familiar with the saw operation and its parts.
  • Plug the saw in and release the lockdown feature. Taking scrap pieces of wood, placing them on the saw bed, practice cutting angles till you are satisfied with the fit. You will notice that the saw starts its saw cut on the front edge of the material so this is where you will want to mark your work.Using mitre saw


Always practice safety when using a mitre saw. Use all safety guards, ear protection as well as safety glasses.

Remember Practice Makes Perfect






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