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Wooden Toys For Children – Are They SAFE?

wooden Toys For children-Are The Safe?

Wooden Toys For Children – Are They Safe?

Wooden Toys for children have been around for hundreds of years in the woodworking field. I can remember as a young child, wooden toys (also known as, Brinquedos de madeira) were the only toys we had growing up on the farm. These were not only wooden but they were homemade by my grandfather. He would make me such toys as toy trucks, small wagon, slingshot, ball-track-and-roll-toy[1]building blocks and of course a wooden gun.

The one that I best remember was the homemade spinning top made from a wooden spool that thread came on. He would cut the spool in half and then shave the small end of the spool down to a point. He then sharpened one end of a dowel and inserted it into the hole in the spool.

By giving the upper stem of the dowel a quick spin, it was always a skill to see how long you could make it go.

These toys kept us occupied for hours.

Checking Out Toys Of Today

Over the years, toys have changed a great deal. The safety of toys today is a big concern for parents with young children. There are an alarming amount of defective toys out there which can affect a child’s health massively. It doesn’t matter if there are children injured in Myrtle Beach or in Hudson County, NJ; no child should have to suffer injuries from a defective toy. As you yourself or your children have seen in Youtube kids videos there are plenty of safe toys out there, but there are unsafe toys as well. If your child is injured by a toy then you might need to get a lawyer involved. This is why parents must alwx02_86009[1]ays check out the material and finish on the toy realizing that a child’s instincts are to take toys right to their mouth.

With all the publicity about lead in paint, chemicals in plastics and plastic made from PVC, this can raise big concerns. Many toys today are lead-free and are very safe for your child. Even if you feel you have done your research on this, a rule of thumb is to buy good quality toys from reliable toy makers and outlets. I recommend toys made in Canada, USA and Europe.

  • some of the suppliers I found with good ratings are:- Holztiger – Hape – Haba – Buntapechte with toy finishes being non-toxic
  • most use a water-based finish but be cautious of this as some have added chemicals.

Toys To Avoid

  • toys that are highly toxic
  • junky plastics
  • toys with small pieces that can easily be swallowed
  • toys with phthalate and heavy metals
  • toys that are noisy (unless you don’t mind the noise in your home)
  • toys with batteries (this can be very frustrating to a child as the batteries do die)
  • toys that don’t allow a child to think and learn from it
  • sharp and dangerous toys
  • toys not safe to ridewooden toy
  • toys made in China due to the lack of regulations

Some Favourite Picks

  • puzzles
  • games
  • wooden blocks
  • building sets
  • lego
  • pegboard
  • pull toys
  • trains
  • cars
  • planes etc. made of non treated wood

Are Wooden Toys Good For The Environment?

This may be a question in the minds of many parents, but opposed to plastic toys, they are Eco-friendly. Should wooden toys end up in landfills, they will soon deteriorate into the ground. Wooden toys can also be recycled, they can be passed on to other children or made into synthetic wood products.

On the other hand, plastic toys having a shorter playing span than wooden toys, usually end up in landfills to never deteriorate.

When making toy choices for our children today to play with, make good choices so they won’t have a mess to clean up in the land fills in later years.

The Alternative To Buying Toys

The other choice you have other than buying toys is to make your own. This way you can control the qualityt300_c044213fcc88ce36f75f772dabce100c[1] of the product starting from natural wood (not treated) non-toxic water based paint along with the quality of it and the sturdiness of the toy.

There are several toy woodworking web sites that specialize in toy kits of all sorts that can save you some money and peace of mind.

  • Eco Tots
  • Classic Wood Toys
  • Holtziger



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