Woodworking As A Career

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Woodworking As A Career

woodworking as a careerWoodworking as a career in your younger years may have amazed you by the men down the road framing a house or a commercial building. You may have spent time there watching and asking questions. At that time the career of working with wood may have been sparked in your mind.

Woodworking as a career can serve you very well as there are many different fields that you can enter. By first getting some experience in the field will help you determine which venue you would like to pursue. There are many job openings in construction that I would encourage you to get involved to gain knowledge and experience. As time goes on, it becomes easier to choose what you want to specialize in.

Construction work is hard work but very rewarding.

The Different Stages Of Building A Home

As with any construction project, it must first start with a solid foundation. This means setting up wooden forms to pour concrete footings which will serve as the base to the outside walls of the home to sit on.

Generally, a concrete crew will set up wooden forms for the basement, pour the concrete walls and remove the forms. At this point, all in floor plumbing must be installed and then the basement floor poured.

Once these primary steps have been completed, the framers come in to proceed to frame the structure usually of wood. They will take the project to where the home is closed in, including windows and doors.

At this point the plumbing, heating, electrical services are all roughed in to make way for the insulation and drywall that goes on the interior walls.Elaborate-ceiling-in-wood-gives-this-traditional-home-office-a-timeless-look[1]

It now looks like the shape of a home.


Entering The Final Stages

As the interior of the home is well underway, the painter may choose to come in at this point or after the finish trim is installed. The installing of all the interior doors, shelving, stair railings and all interior woodworking trim around doors and windows. This may include crown moulds, fireplace mantels along with hardwood floors.

This stage is called interior finishing. An area that can certainly be enjoyed as a career. The idea of being a finisher should encourage you to learn the up to date trends in the field. This will make you more desirable to contractors.

The last stage of completing the interior is the cabinets. Woodworking custom cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. Having had my own cabinet shop for twenty-five years, I can tell you this is a very gratifying trade to be in which I enjoyed every minute of. This part definitely requires planning ahead. You must meet with the client to make sure your ideas and theirs match as to what they want in their home for cabinets.kitchen

Once the homework is complete, it is now up to you to draw up a working plan of the layout and proceed to shop build them. Once completed you will then install them in the home along with counters and any build ins that may have to be built on site.

This area is not limited to the kitchen. It generally includes all vanities, entertainment centre, bookshelves and closet organizers.

Once again I strongly recommend searching and developing many up to date ideas in cabinetry which will put you ahead of the competition with your customers.

I hope this will give you some in-site of a career you may want to pursue in woodworking.




Omer Charest

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